Our Accounting Service Stack

We create custom proposals for each client because every business has different circumstances, goals, opportunities, and needs.

Personal and business taxes are included in all service packages, with additional services included as needed.

Our Fees

Our fees are set based on the scope of work needed, and the complexity of the business or practice’s financial situation.

After understanding you, your business, and your situation during an initial consultation we will be able to put together a few different options for you at different fee levels.

Fractional CFO

Strategic Advising


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Taxes (Business & Personal)

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Business & Personal

As a practice owner your business and personal finances are very interconnected. We handle both tax returns to ensure that you are not overpaying, and that everything is in strict compliance to avoid problems if you were every audited.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Monthly Accounting Services

Proper bookkeeping is important for a healthy practice, but many owners find it time-consuming and tedious. We take these sorts of tasks off your plate and provide periodic reports. That way you can focus on running your practice and leading your team while still having a clear picture of the current financial health of your practice and any financial trends in your business.


Keeping You Secure

We make sure you always have the information you need to stay compliant with changing rules and regulations. Our network of top-notch resources helps us stay on top of things for you so you don't have to worry about compliance issues.

Strategic Advising

Tax and Business Planning

A vital part of any successful practice is planning ahead. We help you create a financial forecast and budget, then help you continuously monitor the practice performance so you can make timely and strategic decisions for the benefit of your business. We also perform year-end tax planning so you maximize your tax savings.

Fractional CFO

Thinking about the financials so you don’t have to

Growing practices face many challenges. Whether you expand to multiple locations or lease a larger space, it’s easy for costs to run rampant or for details to be missed.

Our Fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services take the burden of understanding the big picture off of your shoulders.

You get an experienced accountant with deep understanding of medical practice who is considering all aspects of your finances, and helping you make decisions that will help you grow and become more profitable.

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