Frequently Asked Questions

For New Clients

Most of our clients are doctors or medical professionals, but we work with clients from many industries.

Non-specialist accountants may still be able to provide you with good accounting services, but the advantage with Y. Moskowitz is that you don't have to explain the complexities of tax and financials for doctors.

We understand your unique needs and challenges and can make recommendations based on our work with other doctors in the past. We provide you with tools to track and analyze the profitability of each doctor working in your practice, so you can make informed decisions about how to best expand or grow your business.

There are two basic types of accountants 1) a solo CPA who does all of the work, or 2) an accounting firm where there are multiple people working on your account. 

The advantage of a solo CPA is that you have a single point of contact with someone who has a high level of expertise. The downside is that you sacrifice speed, and generally have a higher chance of delays or missed deadlines. 

With an accounting firm, you usually get better software and more efficient processes that make sure deadlines are met, but you don’t have as much access to the senior accountant and the people on your account may not understand your business details.

We strive to provide you with the benefits of both options:

  • You have one Account Manager who understands the full picture of your business and your needs in order to better assist you.  
  • Our Account Managers are carefully vetted to ensure they match our core values and continually trained to be fully aware of any changes in the tax code that could affect your business.
  • We have an in-house team of specialists to assist the Account Manager, and an outside network of experts to provide a depth of expertise for any complex or uncommon scenarios that may arise.

The more a mess your books are, the more you need help from an experienced accountant.

You don't have to be embarrassed about the state of your books, but we do require that you provide us with the full and complete picture of your finances so we can help find the best solutions. And as we go along, you will gain a better understanding of how to keep your books orderly, and gain a clearer picture of where your business finances are going.

  1. A copy of last year’s filed federal tax returns (including all schedules).
  2. A copy of last year’s filed state returns.

Many of our clients are based in the New York metro area, but we work with doctors and medical professionals anywhere in the United States.

  1. Schedule a Consultation.
    We spend time with you talking about your specific needs, what challenges you are currently facing, and looking at your financial situation, so we can recommend the best way forward for you. We will discuss pricing at this consultation.
  2. We will assign you an account manager.
    Your account manager will be your consistent connection point, handling all your accounting needs on a regular basis. As you get started, your account manager will send you a detailed list of documents and actions needed to get started. They will get you set up with your online portals and make sure you know how to use them.
  3. We set up everything on the backend.
    All recurring projects will be set up so you don’t have to worry anymore about missing a deadline.

Our fees are set based on the scope of work needed, and the complexity of the business or practice’s financial situation.

After understanding you, your business, and your situation during an initial consultation we will be able to put together a few different options for you at different fee levels.

See our Service Page for more info.


For Current Clients

There are both Federal and State forms that need to be completed when hiring a new employee. Your specific needs will be outlined in your online portal. Sign in to get started. Look for the Resources Tab to find Employment Forms and a complete list of both Federal and State forms.

Each employee has their own employee portal where they will be able to access their W-2 online. Additionally, you will be able to print all your employees W-2s under your payroll portal and mail them to your employees' as required.

You need to issue a Form 1099 at year-end to ANY individual or LLC/Partnerships to whom your company paid a minimum of $600 for rent or services during the fiscal year. You will file the 1099 with the IRS. Make sure to request a signed W-9 when expecting that a 1099 might be needed to avoid complications at filing.

After the year-end, you will receive the following:

  • A reminder about the 1099 filing.
  • Details of what information is needed.
  • Due dates and timelines for the required information.

Once we receive the information, we will draft the 1099 and then send you the PDF copies for you to distribute to your vendors. Once you confirm with us that everything is accurate, we will go ahead and submit them for e-file.

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