Case Study #3

Dr. Stephanie Carter-Robin

Podiatry in Jackson Heights

Dr. Carter-Robin's Goals

Having served as Chief of Podiatry at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Dr. Stephanie Carter-Robin opened a private practice in Jackson Heights.

Transitioning from running a department to heading her own practice required financial guidance and future planning.

Dr. Carter-Robin is an expert in foot and ankle medical concerns but wanted expert advice to ensure a healthy financial plan that will lead to financial freedom both now and at retirement.


Issues to be Addressed

  • Better tax structure
  • Proper funding for retirement
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"He's a CPA that goes above and beyond his normal accounting duties. The experience has been amazing."

~ Dr. Stephanie Robin-Carter


We helped Dr. Carter-Robin make some changes to her tax structure, how she paid for the equipment in her practice, and how she was funding her retirement. This allowed her to save a great deal on taxes and put her in a much stronger financial position.

Actions we took

  • 1

    Tax Structure

    We changed the corporate structure to optimize her tax savings. Which allowed her to buy a home instead of continuing to rent. We made an analysis of financing equipment versus renting equipment and changed to financing equipment which lead to an additional reduction in taxes.

  • 2


    We created a defined benefit plan, to maximize her ability to save money for retirement and save on the current taxes (which were at a higher bracket than the tax bracket at retirement). We connected her with a financial advisor to help leverage the funds for growth.

Dr. Stephanie Carter-Robin

"When I retire, that money's going to be there for me and my family to live off. It's a great help."

Dr. Stephanie Robin-Carter
Jackson Heights, NY


As a result of a better tax structure, Dr Robin was able to continually contribute to her pension and has seen growth in the pension from wise investments. As a result of the great financial steps taken over recent years with the help of Y. Moskowitz, Dr. Carter-Robins is looking at adding new locations to her practice, something she had not considered a possibility before.

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